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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  October 13, 2012 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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good morning, america. this morning, severe weather on the move. huge swaths of the country are about to take a pounding. and this hail in new mexico is just one sign of what's to come. slow ride. thousands line the streets of los angeles as the space shuttle "endeavour" moves to its retirement home. it's a 2-day, 12-mile trip, costing $10 million. we're live this morning, showing you what it takes to move a spacecraft when it's here on earth. the bridal bandit. caught on tape. police are looking for a woman accused of ripping off a wedding gown worth 5 grand. and wait until you see who she has with her at the time. and love lessons. taylor swift talks about her relationships past and present, in her most candid interview yet. what does she really think of
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john mayer? and did she really kidnap a kennedy? the country darling opens up. do you want to repeat that on-air, dan, what you just said? >> i'm getting abused here. >> this is my jam is what dan harris said. >> even news anchors get a little emo at times, people. with three days until the next presidential debate, team obama is soliciting celebrity help this morning. what role will bruce springsteen and morgan freeman play. and is the attack in benghazi a potent issue for them. police cracking down on people selling prescription drugs online. and you won't believe who got busted. this is a booming business, dan. and as a vocal advocate for pet adoption, i love this story,
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coming up later in the half hour. what a shelter dog by the name of duke did to save a 9-week-old infant. this is going to be enough to make bianna finally adopt. we begin with the severe weather that will pound the midsection of the nation today. while part of the country is dealing with freeze warnings and some of the coldest temperatures so far this year. ginger zee is here with the latest. good morning, ginger. >> reporter: the most important part would be the severe weather. let me show you why. it happened yesterday in parts of new mexico. we'll begin in underwood, texas, where a tornado formed. there were two reported tornadoes in texas yesterday. in total, there were 20 severe weather reports. and many of them came from hail. let me share with you some of the impressive pictures. the hail went anywhere from about -- i'm going to get to that. one-inch to ping-pong-ball sized hail. huge hail coming down. smashing windshields.
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this one from carlsbad, new mexico. and the next one from a different area in new mexico. a lot of the cells had a ton of height to the storms. that usually adds to the ail potential. we're going to see that again today. texas, dallas included here, up through oklahoma city. even kansas city and parts of far western illinois, western wisconsin. this whole region is in a slight risk for isolated tornadoes, that hail, and damaging winds. we'll be watching for that later this afternoon and evening. you want to catch your latest on the abc station near you. until then, i'll have more on the weather and the deep freeze coming up. back to dan. >> ron asked an important question, have you ever played ping-pong with the ball the size of hail? >> think about it. >> nothing to say here. >> by the way, dan, the pronunciation for dog in new york is dog. we're here in new york. good morning, everyone. we begin with the arrests that
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have been made in connection with the shooting of the courageous pakistani girl that stood up to the taliban. four people have been arrested for the attack on malala yusefzai. she is in stable condition after being shot in the head and neck. and two dozen people on a party boat in san francisco bay had a scare when the boat started sinking. the coast guard rescued 22 people on that craft after it struck a rock off of alcatraz. and started taking on water. >> there was alcatraz. and all of a sudden, boom. like a big jolt. and the cost guard boats came in and got us off. >> nobody was injured in that incident. and the soft drink industry is launching a last-ditch effort to try to stop a ban on big drinks in new york city from aching effect. the industry is suing the city
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board of health, denying the authority to impose the ban on drinks larger than 16 ounces. the rule is set to take effect this coming march. and if you get a strange-looking $100 bill, there's a good chance it was stolen. the fbi says a large amount of the newly-designed bills, they won't say how many, were stolen from a plane in philadelphia. they don't go into circulation until next year. and finally, a crowning achievement for the florida girl who made state history to become the first girl to play quarterback in a football game. she was crowned homecoming queen. she was dressed in her uniform. the homecoming king was one of her teammates. she got a corsage and stuck it in her wristband. south plantation high won. they are undefeated for the record. >> love her. thank you, ron. politics, now. and t-minus three days until the next presidential debate. as the candidates get ready this
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morning, team obama is recruiting celebrity help. team romney is attacking what was supposed to be this president's greatest asset, foreign policy. it's "your voice, your vote." and abc's david kerley is in washington this morning. david, good morning, sir. >> reporter: good morning, dan. as of this morning, mitt romney has the mighty mo going into next week's debate. as both candidates are battling for the critical, undecided voters. >> governor mitt romney. >> reporter: back on the trail for the candidates. >> didn't joe do great last night? >> reporter: after no knockout blow in the vice presidential debate. but the romney/ryan team sees an opening. not on the economy, which is improving. but rather, the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya, which resulted in the death of the ambassador and three other americans. >> he is doubling down on denial. when the vice president of the united states directly contradicts the testimony, sworn testimony of state department officials, american citizens
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have a right to know just what's going on. >> reporter: romney was referring to the debate. one of the first questions from abc's martha raddatz. asking joe biden why there wasn't more security in benghazi, libya. >> we weren't told they wanted more security. we did not know they wanted more security. >> reporter: who is the we in that statement? just the white house, says the president's spokesman. this story has such a big chance of spinning out of control, that secretary of state clinton, went before cameras to try and explain. >> to this day, we do not have a complete picture. >> reporter: the romney's team move, part of a search for undecided voters. team obama is doubling down on star power to sway that group. this morning, releasing an ad narrated by morgan freeman, showcasing what the campaign calls the president's conviction. later this week, former president bill clinton and bruce springsteen will stump in ohio for obama. and on thursday, the president joins jon stewart on "the daily
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show." it will be his sixth appearance and second from becoming president. but the performance that really matters is the one that comes next tuesday. the second presidential debate. mr. obama headed to williamsburg today, for a couple of days of practice. and mitt romney is doing debate practice this weekend. it is tuesday, the big time we see them in the second debate. >> indeed. a lot of democrats, especially, say those adjustments are key. for more on this, we have john avlon, senior columnist for "newsweek" and "the daily beast." let's talk about benghazi. is this a potent issue? and does the killing of bin laden not top the attack? >> this killing in benghazi was at the wrong time for the obama administration. it's been a month since the attack. we haven't brought those killers to justice. that's a real problem. but foreign policy has long been
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the president's strength in polls. in large part because of the killing of osama bin laden. the benghazi attack doesn't take that away. it doesn't take away winding down the wars that were so polarizing just four years ago. so, while it is a problem, i don't think it takes the issue off the table. and the third debate will be all about foreign policy. >> and the president said one of the problems the last debate, he was too nice. can we expect more of a fight on tuesday? and doesn't that carry risks of its own? >> there are risks with no more mr. nice guy. the president was being coached to not get in the gutter with mitt romney. to not get angry. but there's risks. and the problem with no drama obama is he can seem aloof. the debate this week is a sign of things to come. the president has to intensely engage, smile, and call out mitt romney where there's points of disagreement. but in a way that keeps the crowd on his side. >> and david kerley pointed out in his piece that obama -- that romney has really tried to tack
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to the center after running to the right during the primaries. is that an opening for team obama? and have they exploited that sufficiently? >> no. look, the return of moderate mitt has everything to do with why he's been doing well in the polls. this is a catch-22 for conservatives, right? mitt romney had to run as a severe conservative to get the nomination. now, he's trying to tack back to the center. and guess what? it works in the polls. centrist voters, swing voters, are looking for a candidate that doesn't have the ideological experience. it comes back to mitt romney as a flip-flopper. someone who is expedient when it comes to policy to create a short-term political goal. it hasn't been exploited by the campaign yet. this is what he said before. this is what he said now. which time was he telling the truth? >> we'll see tuesday night. >> in your opinion, who stands to benefit more from a town hall format? >> the president draws off crowds. this will be good for him.
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nondomestic issues, social issues, that puts mitt romney in a tricky spot reaching towards the center. >> tuesday night, we'll have the debate at 9:00 eastern. and tomorrow on "this week," you'll hear from rob portman and beau biden. we're going to turn to "operation dotcom," the police sting that nabbed almost two dozen people allegedly selling drugs on craigslist. a website where just about everything 3457bimaginable is o sale. mark greenblatt is here with this story. >> reporter: good morning to you. one of those charged here is a former intern to a new jersey senator. and those peddling drugs have become so comfortable now, they've turned to openly advertising on craigslist.
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the booming business of dealing drugs on craigslist took a hit this week, as police caught on to bold ads that promise xanax, adderall and bundles of dope. the nypd announced 21 arrests. including a brooklyn dental assistant who denies allegations she illegally sold pills to undercover cops three times. and a grad student at nyu pled not guilty to feeding the growing desire for stimulants on college campuses. you have friends who take adderall? >> yeah. >> reporter: if you wanted to, would you know where to get it? >> i think so. >> reporter: it's that widespread? >> yeah. definitely. >> reporter: the arrests, just the latest in the growing trend that's taken drug dealing from the streets online. from los angeles, to philadelphia, to new york. abc news discovered similarly bold advertisements for drugs,
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still active right now. offering great deals for study aids and drugs like adderall, for $8 a pill, or a simple trade. new york commissioner ray kelly is leading the national fight against the troubling trend. multiple people believe that they could get away with advertising, dealing drugs, on craigslist. what's your message to them? >> don't do it because obviously, the people we arrested in the last month or so, didn't get away with it. it is ultimately a losing proposition. >> reporter: but the craigslist drug trade is going strong, even as of this morning. a quick search in los angeles just turned up three dozen advertisements for adderall. dan, bianna, ironically, some of the advertisements asking law enforcement not to respond. >> adderall, taking off in so many segments in society. thank you for your reporting this morning. switching gears, now. in the city that practically perfected the high-speed chase
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and the low-speed chase, by o.j. simpson, this morning, another slow-mo endeavor. "endeavour" is going to its museum. it's drawing thousands of people into the streets, including abc's brandi hitt. brandi, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. what a magnificent sight upclose. you can see the back end of the shutting over my shoulder. what's really interesting is the large southern california crowd that continues to follow it every step of the way, to its final home. >> oh. >> reporter: the place known for high-speed chases has a slow-speed attraction for lots of fans. >> i'm seeing history in the making. >> we have booster ignition and liftoff. >> reporter: the space shuttle "endeavour" has traveled 123 million miles at speeds of
4:15 am
17,000 miles per hour. now, it's cruising, or crawling through los angeles, at just two. >> it is perfect. it's rough and beat up. you can tell it's been somewhere. >> reporter: "endeavour" is ready to go where no shuttle has gone before, its new home at the california science center. but getting home is no small feat. "endeavour" has piggybacked three flights to l.a. now, it's passing through winding roads and sharp turns. with a 78-foot wingspan, hundreds of trees had to be cut so it could clear the roads. power lines were raised to make room for its tail. >> there's going to be congestion on the streets. plan ahead. >> reporter: it's a 12-mile trip taking 2 days. and a commute that, frankly, many in los angeles understand. there's no question, this trip is a massive pass. this morning they had to put the shuttle on dollies and pull it
4:16 am
with a pickup truck. and it comes with a hefty price tag. an estimated $10 million. a first-class endeavor, that will help the shuttle fit in as the newest star in tinseltown. another interesting note, guys. crews had to lay down roughly two dozen sheets of steel on the road. "endeavour" is ready to wrap up its final leg home later today. dan and bianna? >> people wanted to text and drive behind it. but they can't. now, it's time for the weather and back over to ginger. hey, ginger. >> good morning, guys. and the second headline this morning is the cold in the northeast and new england. that's exactly where i want to begin because i've got snow pictures from franconia, new hampshire, it's happening. it's snowing. it did yesterday, at least. you'll see some beautiful photos there. it falls on the trees, that just changed color and gone to peak. quickly, we go into what looks like winter. mt. washington, bianna, we're
4:17 am
thinking of climbing it, was 9 degrees this morning. 18 below for the windchill. saranac lake, new york, 18. and you look at the freeze warnings and frost advisories in place for the next couple of hours. and you know it's going to be a chilly morning. we'll rebound quickly. if you don't have the rain like we do in chicago, at 66. d.c. will get around to 61. and buffalo, a high today of about 55. not quite as cool. and we have to talk about the colorado snow. this is a little more normal. we've already seen it weeks ago. a few more inches on top, making it a half-foot, at best in some places. i'll leave you with a look at the big picture.
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>> i'll want severe weather photos for later. if you see any and you're safe, tweet them to me. got this one yesterday from new mexico. that was from the los alamos storm. that was earlier in the afternoon. i have to thank kbii, our great affiliate in lubbock, texas, for storm chasing. i'll be heading there throughout the weekend. and i had to leave you with pleasant sunshine, from daytona beach and gary. >> why don't we go there instead of climb mt. washington? i haven't committed to that yet? >> 18 below. >> crazy. speaking of crazy, we're going to turn to one of the craziest robbery stories we've heard in a while. a bride-to-be has added her own twist to an old wedding adage. her version, something old,
4:19 am
something new, something stolen, something blue. a woman staged a brazen robbery at a bridal boutique. there's a moment you know. >> it does put me in a better mood. >> reporter: it's the wedding gown for you. >> breathtaking. >> reporter: but when this new jersey woman said yes to her $5,000 dress last month, she supposedly said no to paying for it. seen here in new surveillance footage, the woman clutches the dress as she walks briskly out of the bridal boutique and through the parking lot. her 3-year-old daughter struggling to keep up. >> this is beyond bridezilla. this is thievery of the worst type, with a child involved. i mean -- >> reporter: owners of seng couture, said the woman came in with her daughter and eight partners in crime. >> they come in. and they all go in the stall. >> reporter: after trying on several gowns, police say, the unidentified woman walked out with the most expensive
4:20 am
ensemble, while the rest of her group blocked the owner's view. so, why did no one chase after the runaway bride? >> she's very trusting. she doesn't stand over you. it she gives you room to try on. >> reporter: it's not known if the woman is planning to wed in the gown. but just like a tossed bouquet, everyone is trying to catch her. so, along with that dress, she may get her own ball and chain, too. i'm sure people at the store were just in shock. to think that someone would run out with a dress like that. >> beyond bridezilla. >> way beyond bridezilla. now, to the story of a rescued dog and an extremely thankful family. a family adopted a dog named duke. and he paid them back. duke is an ordinary-looking dog
4:21 am
that did something extraordinary. last sunday night, duke jumped on his owner's bed, and started shaking uncontrollably, he woke them up. >> he is insanely obedient. this was bizarre. >> reporter: so bizarre, that janet russo knew something was wrong. this prompted her and their husband to check on their 9-week-old infant daughter, harper. sure enough, something was wrong. harper wasn't breathing. >> my husband called 911. and the ambulance came here. and it was because of our dukey dog, who alerted us. >> reporter: duke's call for help saved the little girl. harper is now doing just fine. >> if duke hadn't, you know, been so scared, we would have just gone to sleep. >> reporter: they adopted him six years ago. a debt of gratitude that's been repaid times over. >> he was meant to be ours. i tell him all the time, you were born in mommy's heart.
4:22 am
just because he was so meant to be ours. he's a good boy. >> he is a good boy. so cute. so cute. and the they hope this story will encourage more pets. there's three people i know, i'm not going to mention their names. but there's three people who have not adopted pets. >> i'm dealing with a 6-month-old. but you know what? could be the best investment to make. coming up here on "good morning america," shots fired. police search for a gunman who opened fire at a campaign office for president obama. also, a small town on edge in the wake of a prostitution scandal. the reported list of high-profile clients may be public. and our reporter tracked down the woman at the center of the case. >> i will call the police on you. >> i understand. >> you are trespassing. >> i just want to get -- >> she was not happy to see our john schriffen.
4:23 am
also coming up this morning, taylor swift getting personal in a new interview. she sings about breakups all the time. now, she's actually talking about falling in love. as we said, her new song is my new jam. we'll be right back. keep it here. when it comes to getting my family to eat breakfast,
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♪ we are never, ever, ever getting back together ♪ ♪ you will talk to your friends ♪ there it is. taylor swift's latest hit. "we are never, ever, ever getting back together." i've been taking guff from my friends here. swift normally only talks about her romantic life in her songs. now, she's actually talking about it in a revealing interview. some say it may be her most revealing interview yet. including denying claims that she cheated on her boyfriend from the kennedy clan. good morning, america. i'm dan harris. alongside bianna golodryga. very worried that her talking about these songs will demystify them and take away the power. >> we learn so much about her through her songs. especially when you're running and listening to them, as well. >> never going to live that down. ron goes running to the songs, as well.
4:31 am
just for the record. >> i'm a bieber fan, actually. >> thank you for clearing that up. also this morning, are wedding bells in the future for kanye west and kim kardashian? the rapper's new song, "white dress," my offer clues to her plans. >> seems like a strong clue. we're going to start with our correspondent going face-to-face with a young woman in the center of a prostitution scandal. alexis wright runs a zumba studio, that police say was doubling as a brothel. she has stayed mum since the scandal broke. but abc's john schriffen tracks her down. >> reporter: is anybody home? for someone who lives such a public life on the internet, it wasn't easy tracking down the former zumba instructor at the center of a controversy, that has gripped a small town. did you run a prostitution ring? >> i will pick up the phone and call the police.
4:32 am
>> reporter: at her home in rural maine, alexis wright had no comment after being arrested and charged earlier this week, for over 100 counts of prostitution and invasion of privacy. allegedly running a sex-for-hire business out of her dance studio in kennebunk, maine. her alleged business partner? 57-year-old mark strong. his attorney says there is a list of more than 100 johns that could be made public. but claims his client had nothing to do with it. >> after all, there's police officers and firemen, accountants and tv personalities and lawyers. >> reporter: the anticipation has now consumed this picturesque new england town. do you want to see the list yourself? >> absolutely. >> reporter: why is that? >> because i'm curious. just like everybody else in town. >> reporter: the judge has said that she won't block the release of the names. but that decision has been appealed to maine supreme court. in the meantime, many are bracing for the fallout. >> how do you see this story
4:33 am
affecting the kids of the community? >> i think the teenagers are a lot more aware of it. some of them feel passionately that the names should not come forward. some of them are worried about the affects on the town. my daughter is in high school and has had people really angrily say to her, it's not right that the papers are going to print this. it's not right what your mom is going to do. >> reporter: but she says it's her duty as a journalist. and with her skyrocketing readership, the public is demanding it. john schriffen, abc news, kennebunk, maine. let's check the other headlines with our chief belieber, ron claiborne. >> good morning, everyone. in the news, police in denver, colorado, are investigating after someone fired a shot into president obama's campaign office there. the bullet shattered a window but no one was injured. the man arrested at l.a. international airport wearing a
4:34 am
bullet-proof vest and is being charged with transporting hazardous materials. and the government is turning up the heat on google. "the new york times" reports that the federal trade commission will recommend that the government sue the search giant. the investigation focuses on whether google manipulates search results to favor its own products. and it's not a great plan. but the king did live there. elvis presley's beverly hills home is on the market. the asking price for the estate with a pool, spa and guest house, a mere $13 million. time, for the weather. over to ginger zee. >> thanks, ron. i want to start with more pictures of the severe weather, out of lubbock, texas. one of my old students. i used to be an adjunct professor. she shared pictures of low-lying clouds. we have the thunderstorm clouds. you can see some of the hail and structure of the storm there. and a lot of people were out
4:35 am
chasing. fortunately, about 20 reports in total. 2 tornadoes, 18 hail. and looks like no injuries and no deaths. that's good news. but there's more to come this weekend here on our saturday. this afternoon and evening, they will erupt from dallas, including oklahoma city, and war southwestern missouri. that's the section where the isolated tornadoes will happen. later, in that bigger breath of area, we'll have the damaging winds and the large hail. you can send me photos when it's safe. the other big headline i need you to know about this weekend. portland didn't have rain for about 100 days. that's a place that usually has rain. and they got it yesterday. seattle, very similar. and in the cascades, the olympics, pretty heavy rains. down in the valleys, one to two inches. not as great. but still, changing that pattern there. now, we fly across the nation. l.a., 77. san antonio, 88. and the storminess in the center of the nation could become severe at times.
4:36 am
>> the weather report has been brought to you by party city. >> professor zee. thank you so much. coming up on "good morning america," taylor swift opening up in one of her most revealing interviews ever. what does she think about her ex-boyfriend, john mayer? you know, i was once used for small jobs.
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♪ we are never, ever, ever we're back, now, with the revealing, new interview with taylor swift. the superstar singer, opening up to "rolling stone" magazine, about her music, anxiety and of course love. the 22-year-old has grown up in front of our eyes. and sometimes you forget how young she really is. tanya rivero joins us with the story. she is really opening up here. >> reporter: she is. she may be young. but she wants the world to know she's not a little girl. the six-time grammy winner is known for spinning songs about past love into grammy gold. for the first time, taylor swift
4:41 am
is revealing details about her current flame. and that famously nasty breakup with john mayer. with another hit about her broken heart burning up the charts -- ♪ i'm telling you >> reporter: pop princess, taylor swift, is on fair. but when it comes to her real-life love life, things can get complicated. i have rules for a lot of areas of my life, swift says in "rolling stone" magazine. love is not going to be one of them. the 22-year-old who loves to sing about love, is opening up about matters of the heart. you have to fall in love really fast without thinking too hard. and it seems, swift fell fast for 18-year-old prep school senior, conor kennedy, son of bobby jr. >> she thinks it's funny and weird that she was on record saying that she was fascinated with the kennedys. >> reporter: when swift sent a private plane for conor before
4:42 am
school started, it sparked some family friction. some suggesting she kidnapped him, to which she responds, how did i kidnap him? you can't kidnap a grown man. >> and this is my favorite thing. >> reporter: earlier this month, mum was the word when swift spoke with abc news' cynthia mcfadden. >> i don't talk about my personal life. i feel you can share enough of your life in your music. ♪ you're a bad idea >> reporter: she admits her songs are mainly about past relationships. many say her scathing 2010 hit "dear john" is meant for former beau, john mayer, 12 years her senior. >> he seemed really disgusted when i told him about her song. >> reporter: swift said mayer found the song humiliating. that's him taking it on when he had an album to promote. swift says that even none of her boyfriends so far have lasted
4:43 am
longer than five months, she loves the idea of a long relationship. and she wants a big family, with a minimum, bianna and dan, of four kids. >> four kids. wow, she knows what she wants. looks like things are icy between her and john mayer. >> i don't think that's going to be anytime soon. >> tanya, thank you. we're looking for taylor swift's biggest fan for our red-hot fan contest. the winner gets two v.i.p. tickets to see taylor in concert on "gma." go to our website, on yahoo! to find out how to enter. >> i'm never going to live this down. never. and coming up on "good morning america," diamonds in the sky. put a price tag on this. a planet made largely of put a price tag on this. a planet made largely of diamonds. i don't have time for the flu. that's why i'm knocking things off my to-do list. vitamin d, done! hand sanitizer, done! hey, eric! i'm here for my flu shot.
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that techno music can herald nothing but "pop news." our entertainment reporter and host of "on the red carpet," rachel smith, joining us from l.a. this morning. hey, rachel. >> hey, guys. nice to see you this morning. the big question is, does kanye west have marriage on his mind? the rap star has a new song called "white dress." and it sounds like it could be played walking down the aisle with girlfriend, kim kardashian. he raps about a white dress with a 30-foot train. and drops the line, that says you're the kind of girl in a probably deserves a new last name. "white dress" is featured on the soundtrack for "the man with the iron fist," in theaters next month. kanye may want to give gwyneth paltrow and cameron diaz, a little help with rapping. this is something they could use a little work.
4:49 am
take a listen. ♪ we're coming at you like us ♪ ♪ you drink too much >> wow. that's all we could show on morning tv, folks. the actresses, they get a little bit naughty. and everybody knows luke on "modern family" as the dim-witted goofball of the dunphy family. actor nolan gould is a genius. the 13-year-old graduated from high school this summer and hopes to do online college courses. gould actually has an i.q. of 150. and says people are shocked when they learn he's a member of mensa. and ladies, listen up. if diamonds are a girl's best friend, then scientists have just discovered heaven. this is an illustration of a planet made largely out of diamonds. diamonds equal to about three-times the earth mass. "forbes" estimates the planet to
4:50 am
be worth about $27 million. that 27 is followed by 30 zeros to be exact. it's not entirely good news, though. this brilliant, new discovery, is three lightyears away. and one year there is equal to 18 hours on earth. we would feel a lot older, too. always a catch. >> there's a space shuttle in your town, rachel. >> aha. "endeavour." >> i feel like i learned so much in that "pop news." i learn the dunphy kid is a mensa member. kanye may be getting married. and gwyneth paltrow cannot rap. >> very educational. yes, i am. right here, folks. right here on "pop news." >> thank you, rachel. we appreciate it. >> thank you, rachel. we appreciate it. we'll be right back. after , i went to the citi private pass page and decided to be...not boring. that's how i met marilyn...
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we want to thank you for watching abc news. we're always online at on yahoo! that story we told you about the adopted dog that saved the baby, want to bring duke back and show you that face one more time. >> very distinguished. >> uh-huh. >> i think duke and harper are going to be lifelong friends.
4:56 am
>> a little gray in his muzzle, too. it's a good reminder to everybody, there are dogs and cats every day in this country that are put down. and they need good homes. and that dog's a good example of it. look what they can do for you. >> save lives. >> we'll see you tomorrow morning, everybody. thanks for watching. [ male announcer ] this is the opposite of subliminal advertising...
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